It wasn't common to document inaugurationns or the setting up of businesses durin the period of economic development. Hence, this picture, showing Ferdinando Michelin along whit three collaborators who work whit equipment invented by Michelin himself, is the first to illustrate our company's history. It was 1936 and already Michelin's bicycles had been circulating on the roads for seventeen years.
Since than a lot has changed: everything except for the entreprenerial idea originally launched that has continued and remained to be the key element in guaranteeing Michelin first place in the production of bicycle components. You will now find our present products enriched by various proposals. Our goal continues to be thet of elaborating new projects for our products in order to broaden.


Design and realization of prototypes and dies by means of CAD/CAM, with calculations of structures and correct sizing in order to achieve working load. Realization of prototypes on milling machine from CAD/CAM. The proptotype's approved programme will be employed for the direct creation of the dies required for standard production.Wire electrical discharge machining, CAD/CAM controlled, Hub flange drilling with special multiple fuse head equipment.

Numerical control unit with centesimal precision for crank machinig.
Oven for heat tretments and carbonnitriding of parts. Steel chainring cutting and coinage. Component test centre on simulating machines. The tests are performed with grenter working loads than standard bicycle load.
Dispatch organization with paking list and computerized libelling and packing list for immediate identification of each package.